Wednesday, July 15, 2015

ATTENTION Cannon Films fans...

We all have our heroes. China has Bruce Lee, Belgium has Van Damme, and Sweden has Lundgren, but America has Chuck Norris, and we all know he'd kick all those other pussies out! No one knew this better than Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus - two movie-obsessed Israeli cousins who formed Cannon Films, which produced some of the best cheese out of the 80's. 
To honor these giants, we're screening a special documentary about their now defunct media company, followed by one of my favorites, the super-duper kick ass American flick, INVASION USA, starring none other than Mr. Bad Ass himself, Chuck Norris. Yeah, so what if Swayze saved America the year before in Red Dawn. He's a fkn' male dancer. The only dancin' Norris ever did was with his fists... 
Come join us at Quinn's Irish Pub in Hell's Kitchen, just 5 minutes walk from Times Square, for this kool double-feature. Doors open at 6:30pm. First film starts whenever the hell I say it starts!!

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